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Cleans, protects and helps keep surfaces looking like new.

Armor All Gloss Protectant is designed to slow the natural deterioration of surfaces such as vinyl, rubber, plastic, treated leather and sealed wood.

Armor All Gloss Protectant is a triple action product that:
•Cleans by removing the grime and debris that can erode the surface of vehicles
•Protects surfaces by guarding against the harmful effects of ozone, oxygen and ultraviolet radiation
•Helps prevent cracking, fading, discoloration and premature aging
•Can be used in many non-automotive applications
•Enhances your vehicle’s deep, rich look and adds beautiful shine
•Helps renew and revitalise vinyl, rubber and plastic
•Safe and easy to use

Tips & Tricks

Exterior plastic and rubber are exposed to UV damage too! Be sure to protect them every time you wash your car to keep it looking great.

Where to Use

Vehicle Interior:
•Leather and vinyl seats
•Rubber seals
•Plastic and wood trim
•Door panels and more

Vehicle Exterior:
•Tyre sidewalls
•Vinyl convertible hoods
•Door mouldings and more


Use only as directed. Not for use on glass (this may cause smearing), or paintwork, fabric, woven materials or floors (may cause slipping). Do not use on tyre tread, vehicle controls (steering wheels, pedals, gear levers), bench or cycle seats, cycle tyres, brake drums, and other surfaces where slipperiness may be hazardous.


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